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Lots of Slots!

Outside Lots of Slots
 This is the front of the store.
We are located near the front of 
Traders Village by the flag pole.
Want to have lots of fun?

Why not enjoy parting with 
friends and family 
with your very own slot machine.
Makes great fun for any time.
Who knows, maybe you will get lucky.

For Home Entertainment Only!

We sell all kinds of slot machines
nickel, dimes, and quarters.
We also sell video games and 
pinball machines.

Inside Lots of Slots
This is the inside of the store. 
It looks like a game room but its not. 
You can buy these machines and take them home.


Lots of Slots
is located at 
Traders Village #145
7979 N. Eldridge rd.
Houston, TX 77041
To order call
or e-mail us



Want to see more take the tour. Take the tour

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